Town Convenes Advisory Committee

In early September, the Town of South Hadley invited members of the community, local officials, and experts in housing and design to join the Housing Production Plan’s Advisory Committee. This committee will guide the HPP process, ensure the plan aligns with the needs and capacity of the community, promote the plan to members of the public, and spearhead the plan’s implementation when it’s ready.

The first meeting included an overview of the HPP’s process, public engagement techniques, and early housing data analysis. The plan’s agenda, presentation, and video recording can be found on the Resources page.

Committee Members

  • Michael Adelman (Planning Board alternate member, Resident at Large)
  • Ann Andras (Council on Aging)
  • Carol Constant (Selectboard, Senior Housing advocate)
  • Naomi Darling (Resident at Large, Architect)
  • Helen Fantini (Redevelopment Authority, Resident at Large, Former Planning Board member, Architect)
  • Bridgette Sullivan (Housing Authority Director)
  • Nate Therien (Planning Board Member)
  • Anne Capra (Planning and Conservation Director, staff to committee)